Ismael Olague better know as Izan is a DJ/Producer from the Bay Area, born and raised in Oakland. He was exposed to music at a young age by his father and brother that DJ’ed. He began to learn how to DJ and would help play small gigs where he got his experience playing live. Izan was soon introduced to producing by one of his friends where he would lock himself in his room and spends hours learning new methods and experimenting with different sounds.

He caught his first breakthrough by meeting Sunnery James & Ryan Marciano who supported his track Cleopatra, it was soon that he would meet Deorro as well and have him sign his first official release as an EP named “Empires” containing Cleopatra and Azteca. Since then Izan had been busy working with other producers and getting support from various artists and has also released a track called “Anaconda” with another Panda Funk artist named Kayfex. Izan used his Latin roots and produces powerful house tracks with a tribal/jungle feel. He has gained support from artists: D.O.D, Deorro, Sunnery James & Ryan Marciano, Last 3 Digits, Flash Finger, Regilio, Kryder, Sebjak, and Max Vangeli.


Play Que No Now.

A massive sounding track by Izan as he delivers a rhythmical and energizing track called “Que No”. Que No meaning as much as “I said No” brings you rhythmical drums and a refreshing vocal sample. This track will get the crowd jumping.