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Get ready for the Festival Season

Summer is coming, which means: festival season is also coming. This gives you hard choices to make: What to wear? Safe or completely crazy? And maybe the most important choice: which festival are you going to? Let us take you on a trip through all of these choices.


One of the most seen looks at festivals is the Bohemian look, but also heads, sunglasses and clutches are populair accessoires to wear to a festival. But what if you want to get out of your comfortzone? Or what if you want to go to a festival like Valtifest, where the dresscode is different every year? Then you should take a look at this website.


But how to make the right festival-choice? Below, we’ll give you some tips. We’ll describe some of the biggest festivals in Europe. One thing they all have in common: they’re all amazing!


Sziget is a Budapest based, multicultural festival and it’s one of the biggest events in Europe. Sziget Festival is also called: ‘’The Island of Freedom’’. For almost 25 years, Sziget has been organizing a non-stop festival for 7 days in a row. With 50 podiums and over 200 events and live-performances per day, you never have to be bored. You can eat your heart out at Sziget, because almost every genre is being represented. From blues, metal, jazz and even folk music, to electronic- and classical music.


Tomorrowland is a very big, outdoor dance-festival and it’s organized in Belgium, Brasil and the USA. You can attend Tomorrowland once a year, in the summer. The motto is: ‘’One world, one heart’’. Caring for people and the planet are some of Tomorrowland’s values. It’s a place where life is celebrated and some of the biggest dj’s like David Guetta, Martin Garrix, Hardwell, Tiësto and many more, celebrate life with you.


Even people from France and Spain are attending Mysteryland, while it takes place in The Netherlands. You need to travel to Haarlemmermeer, which is only 25km from the city centre of Amsterdam and only 5km from Amsterdam Schiphol Airport. Mysteryland is the first festival where all kinds of electronic music come together. And the best part: the dresscode is: ‘’Come as who you really are’’, which means you can be as crazy as you want. Everything will be respected. Mysteryland contains 16 beautiful area’s to discover. They all have a different style. The duration of Mysteryland Festival is a whole weekend, so you’ll have enough time to discover everything. The festival will keep going for 2 days and nights.